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Jamun / Njaval Plants (Graft)

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Jamun / njaval is native to India. They are grown without any significant pest infestation, care, or fertilization.

Propagation method: Grafting

Botanical name: Syzygium cumini

Cat Fruit, Poocha Pazham, Malar Kai

₹257.25 ₹234.10 -9%
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Cat fruit flowers in the Feb-March months. Cat fruit flowers have a cat's hair like appearance and hence the name. Cat fruit plant is easy to grow.

Plant type : Seedling

Scientific name : Syzygium zeylanicum

Family :  Myrtaceae

Jaboticaba Red Hybrid

₹1,250.00 ₹1,050.00 -16%
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Red hybrid Jaboticaba is a very tasty variety of Jaboticaba. The fruit has thin skin. The seedlings fruit in 5-6 years. 

Propagation type:  Seedling

Botanical name:  Plinia cauliflora

Strawberry Guava, Perakka Layer Plant

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Strawberry guava is a native of Brazil. It is an evergreen shrub. The leaves of strawberry guava look different from the usual guava. The fruit has a taste similar to that of a normal guava but with a strawberry tinge.

Propagation type: Layer

Botanical name: Psidium cattleianum

Jaboticaba Escarlate

₹1,400.00 ₹1,218.00 -13%
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Jabuticaba or Jaboticaba is native to Brazil. Though the fruit looks somewhat similar to grapes, it has a distinct taste. The tree is especially attractive during the fruiting season.

Propagation type: Seedling

Botanical name:  Plinia cauliflora

Guava Variegated, Perakka Layer Plant

₹620.00 ₹595.20 -4%
Availability: 10 In Stock

Variegated guava is an ornamental plant as well as a fruit plant. The fruit is also variegated. The fruit is also tasty and has a good aroma.

Propagation type: Layer

Botanical name: Psidium guajava

Guava Violet, Pera Seedling

₹325.00 ₹302.25 -7%
Availability: 10 In Stock

Violet pera has a distinct appearance with its dark violet colour. It has a pleasing aroma and tastes sweet.

Propagation type: Seedling

Botanical name: Psidium guajava