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Egg fruit, Cupcake fruit, Canistel

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Egg fruit is a tropical fruit plant native to South America. It grows well in Indian conditions.

Botanical name: Pouteria campechiana

Propgation type: Seedling



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Egg fruit is a tropical fruit plant native to South America. Unlike what might seem from its name, it doesn't taste like an egg. But inside of the fruit has a colour very similar to an egg yolk. The egg fruit needs to be fully ripe to be  fit for consumption. 

It is rich in antioxidents, vitamin A, Niacin, Carotene and Beta Carotene.

Alternate names: Egg fruit, Cupcake fruit, Canistel


Data sheet

Propagation method
Growth type
Sunlight needs
Full Sun (Minimum 6 hours direct sun)
Plant family
Botanical name
Pouteria campechiana

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