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The Gaab fruit or the Indian Persimmon tree is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree with spreading branches and dense leaves. The leaves are shiny green, and the flowers are white or green. It is native to India and Bangladesh.

Propagation type: Layer

Alternate names: Gab, Indian Persimmon, Gaab, Gaub, Timbiri, Mountain Ebony 

Botanical name: Diospyros malabarica

Black Sapote, Chocolate Pudding Fruit

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Black sapote grows well in tropical climates without much care. It is native to Guatemala. Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean Islands. Black sapote is not related to Chikku (Sapote). They belong to different families.

Velvet Apple Plant, Mabolo tree
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Velvet Apple, Mabolo tree

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The Velevt apple, also known as the Mabolo tree, is a slow-growing, evergreen tree. It can range in size from a small tree to a tall, straight tree up to 15 metres tall. Velvet Apple / Mabolo tree is native to the Philippines.