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The fruits from this grafted hog plum are slightly different from the traditional hog plums. Its fruit is not fibrous. When fully ripe, the fruit is not only slightly sweet but also not very sour.

Propagation type: Graft

Alternate names: Hog Plum, Spondias Mombin, Yellow Mombin, Sweet Ambazham

Botanical name: Spondias mombin

Cashew Plant

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Cashew plants grow well in most parts of India. Cashew is grown for both the fruit and the nut. Cashew nuts are expensive and in high demand as a dry fruit.

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Banana Mango or Chang Daeng is originally a Thai variety but grows very well in Indian conditions.

It is called by various names, like Maha Chanok in Thailand. But it is popularly called "banana mango" in India due to its resemblance in shape and colour to that of a banana.

Propagation type: Graft

Common names: Banana Mango, Chang Daeng, Maha Chanok

Langra mango graft plant

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This tasty variety of mango, originally found in the Banaras region of Uttar Pradesh. It has a strong aroma when ripe.

Common names: Langra mango, Malda mango

Propagation type: Graft