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Quince, Sabarjil Bud Plant

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Sabarjil (Sabarjilli) belongs to the Rosacea family and is a close relative of pear and apple. The green-coloured fruit, when fully ripe, turns slightly golden in colour. It has a mix of sweet and sour tastes. 

Propagation typeL Bud

Botanical name: Cydonia oblonga

Olosapo, Zapote Amarillo

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The Olosapo tree is native to Central America. The yellow colored fruit is fibrous and tasty and is usually eaten raw. The Olosapo does not become large tree and can be maintained compact.

Propagation type: Seedling

Botanical name: Couepia polyandra


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Apricot is very popular as a dry fruit. Apricots can either be eaten raw or dried or made into jam. Apricot plant bears fruit in 2-3 years.

Blackberry Plant

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Blackberry is a thorny bush plant that reaches about 8 feet tall. Blackberry can be grown in pots also. It is rich in antioxidants and good for building blood.